About Us

Mission Statement:

  • To maintain a telephone answering service
  • To maintain a supply of A.A. World Services-approved literature, pamphlets, etc., and make the same available for sale to groups, institutions, and individuals
  • To counsel, act, and advise in any activities of A.A. in District 7 and outlying areas when so requested or deemed necessary
  • To promote a degree of unity between A.A. groups in District 7 and surrounding areas
  • To present qualified A.A. speakers who are available to the public and/or interested parties for meetings
  • To work in conjunction with other organizations (civic, religious, educational, etc.) requesting the services of members of A.A. in relation to the problems of alcoholism

What is the AA Kent County Central Office (KCCO)?

The Kent County Central Office (KCCO), one of the many hundreds of A.A. Central Offices throughout the U.S. and Canada, is run solely on the voluntary donations of Alcoholics Anonymous members. In accordance with the Seventh Tradition, we decline all outside contributions and rely on the generosity of groups and individuals within the fellowship for financial support. Our office is staffed by paid office personnel and unpaid phone volunteers alike. They all have the same thing in common, which is that they are here to serve the needs of recovering alcoholics in our community.

KCCO is overseen by the Kent County Central Committee (KCCC), which is comprised of six local, elected A.A. members. KCCC was formed in 1950 and began providing an answering service for alcoholics in District 7 and beyond. The service was run from a volunteer’s home until 1983, when the old office at 1539 Plainfield was opened. The office started selling the books “Alcoholics Anonymous,” and “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.” Group support was so good that the decision was made to keep the price of literature as low as possible, which is still the tradition today. The office was moved to its current location in 2010, at 4920 Plainfield NE, Suite 19, Grand Rapids. Stop in any time, the coffee pot is always on!

What does KCCO provide?

  • Literature Sales
  • 24 hour A.A. Hotline
  • Website
  • Meeting Directory
  • Friday Speaker Meetings
  • KCCO Spring Roundup
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Recovery Medallions